I have been a swimmer and a swimming coach, I like fishing, running and sports in general. I love chocolate, pasta and sushi



I am Alessio Pagliai, from Florence, Italy

I lived for 5 months in Tokyo, where the final idea for Yuki was born. That’s how I choosed the name: it means snow in Japanese! The idea of a personal air conditioner working with ice came 6 years ago. After so much time of development Yuki is finally ready and I am now happy to share it with the world!

What I Do

– FDM 3D Printing Production for Companies: https://www.textura3d.com/

– 3D scanning

My Past Experiences

Siemens Digital Industries Software
(Oct 2020 – Apr 2021)
Research Engineer
Additive Manufacturing Team, Powder Bed Fusion Simulations

Tokyo Univeristy of Agriculture and Technology
(Sept 2019 – Feb 2020)
Research Engineer
Research for Master Thesis

University of Florence
Master’s Degree Mechanical Engineering 110/110 + laude
Thesis: “Melt pool dimensions and porosity prediction in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing”

University of Florence
Bachelor’s Degree Mechanical Engineering 105/110
Thesis: “Layout analysis of an external vision system of a hyperbaric lifeboat”

(2015 – 2019)
Swimming Coach
Training swimming teams of children. Recruitment, registration and accompaniment to competitions

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